New trends in car electronics Audio with GPS

Advanced driver assistance system became the current trend in automobile industry. This new technology is designed such that it reduces the workload of driver while driving and provides great assistance in navigating with ease of access. With the audio visual capabilities, these advance technology can provide tracking and navigation information on-board while driving. This new trends also includes safety feature like accident avoidance, driver drowsiness detection and many more protective features. GPS with audio technology is one of the advanced features used for navigation and routing while driving. The technology behind it and its advantages are explained over here.

New trends in car electronicsAudio with GPS

GPS: With advanced Global positioning system you can easily locate your place anywhere on the world. In-dash navigation systems are being installed in most new vehicles, and GPS navigation can be enabled on most smartphones. This contains the GPS receiver and it catches the signal from GPS satellites. In order to get accurate position, GPS receiver must be in a range of at least three satellites. By getting three different signals, GPS receiver will give you exact details of latitude and longitude of current place. While driving the car, you can navigate to any place with the help of map and GPS data.

Car audio with GPS: It is indeed best feature for all new car with advanced technology. GPS with audio technology can give you exact detail of the nearby or next location places even when song in your audio system is playing. So, you don’t even have to look on dashboard or map and just take right/left turn according to your navigation system’s audio output. Google navigator provides such kind of enhanced facilities at any location on the world. Many such audio systems come with built in Bluetooth or built in radio receiver.


  1. Faster navigation and safe driving.
  2. Simple and time saving technology.
  3. Smart technology with better safety.
  4. You can listen to song/radio at the same time with navigation.
  5. It can give you exact detail of distance and time to reach at next stop.

Payroll Software Have eye like a hawk

What is the use of technology if we cannot eliminate the errors and labor out of our daily task? That is why we are here with one of the most innovative software that has ever been developed to achieve the perfection without any human efforts and errors, The Payroll Software.

What is the tough task for humans? To beat the time and run round the clock 24×7. No worries. It is something that does not demand any leave from work or give excuses for errors. Instead it works 24×7 with 100% accuracy along with the endless list of features that can enhance your business output to the level you could not have imagined ever.

Payroll Software Have eye like a hawk

  • Your employees getting lazy to get to the work or getting out early? It will give you the precise timing of the check-in and check-out of each and every employee for whole month.
  • Accountants making errors and blaming on each other and you eventually ending up in loss? It can generate the pay slips and salary registration; can calculate the overtime, allowance, bonus, income tax and many more for you without any hassle and error.
  • Worried about the features as per your business requirement? Whether you are running a small business or large enterprises, there is always an option to get your very personal and custom made payroll software that will work as per your requirements.

Missing your family life because of the extra burden of handling the business and keeping eye on everything? Well the solution is here. Setup the software just for once as per your requirements and leave all your worries to it. Loyalty comes as a bonus because it is software. So it cannot be manipulated or bribed.

Your employees getting dissatisfied with the busy schedule? Once installed, it reduces the efforts and workload for all the clerical staff and improves the overall job satisfaction for the employees.

Advantages of using windows 10 for your home computer

Since the launch of windows 10 by Microsoft, over 200 million users around the world have downloaded and installed this amazing operating system in their laptops and desktops. Windows 10 operating system comes as an upgrade to the earlier versions of windows -7, 8 and 8.1.

As it is with the release of any new version, windows 10 operating system is enriched with new features that give windows users a better and interactive experience.

Advantages of using windows 10 for your home computer-1

This article outlines some of the advantages that come with windows 10 that will make you uninstall all the earlier versions and join its world.

  • A new Start Menu

Windows 10 comes with a sleeker and more transparent startup menu that brings back the hidden shutdown controls in windows 8 as well as showing live tiles .This menu presents an adoptable menu to you by recognizing the device you are using such as computer , laptop and presents hence making it easy to use.

  • Cortona

This is a Microsoft virtual personal voice assistant. It enables you to perform web searches simply by just asking. Cortona is capable of setting reminders, adding calendar events and initiating calls.

  • A smart Home Folder

Window 10 file navigation folder has a list of familiar folders that you intended to you arranged. This home folder also shows you the files that you recently created and opened thereby making it easy to locate the files that are used often.

  • Availability of Universal Apps

Windows applications are mostly designed for desktops this has change with the introduction of a new windows store that enables applications to run on any windows platform including windows phones. These apps can also easily synchronize with settings, and notifications even on different platforms.

  • An Edge Browser

An Edge browser gives a user the thrill of typing on webpages directly. It deeply intergrades with cortona and enables you to get information about weather, menu information among others.

  • Notifications

There has been an enhancement in notifications in windows 10 comparison to windows 8. There exists an action center that enables you to see those past hidden notifications

If you have not upgraded to windows 10, do not miss out any more. What you need to do is downloading and installs it on your computer so that you can finally have that great user experience you have lacked in the past.

4 Effective Tips for a Healthy Winter for you!

Holidays, tons of food, an extremely cold weather, you may think there is a lot against you during winter to pursue your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but these 4 tips are going to change your mind. A healthy lifestyle during those hard months has never been easier with these Tips for Winter Health!

  • Try a 5 meal per day eating plan- Definitely one of the most important advices when going through winter time and staying healthy and with tons of energy. A 5 meal per day plan helps you distribute your calories in a more balanced way, so your levels of energy stay in a normal range during the whole day.

4 Effective Tips for a Healthy Winter for you!

  • Get some beauty sleep- Nowadays; most of the people aren’t sleeping a time even closer to 8 hours. Work, kids, responsibilities and many other things are standing between you and your 8-hour perfect sleep. If you’re part of that big percentage of the population who stopped sleeping 8 hours a day a long time, you should consider getting back on track again, especially on winter. Now, in the other hand, if sleeping more than 8 hours during winter is something you are accustomed to, you should start waking up earlier, and use your time for more productive things, than just lying in bed.
  • Go out for a run- Going out for a run during winter has multiple benefits: You are doing some great cardio, getting some fresh air from around, and you can go with your family and friends, so it turns into a group activity. Not ready for running? Walking is totally okay, it is a less intensive activity, but definitely is a way to begin.
  • Make water a priority- And last but not least tip, you need to start doing a register of your water consumption during the day. Some people may think drinking water is easier if you’re all day at home, but most of us tend to forget the importance of this liquid for our health. You may want to start with 1.9 Lt a day, which equals to 8 glasses of water.

Upgrading to Google Analytic Premium Features Can Improve Your Online Marketing Schemes

Google Analytic is a web-based free service that provides statistical data and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purposes. This service is available for free to everyone with a Google account.

The service is geared towards small and medium –sized retail websites which makes it less suited to more and more complex websites by larger enterprises. Basic users who feel they want to achieve more out of the service can be able to upgrade to Google Analytic premium. Here, they can work with analytic experts who help them optimize their websites and online marketing campaigns.

All you need to enjoy this service’s premium features you are required to purchase a Google Analytic premium license. This can be bought through Google analytic website or through their certified analytic partners like Blastam.

Google Analytic Premium

If you decide to upgrade, you will enjoy a lot of features that you never had access to in the Google Analytic standard. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Becoming a dedicated account manager
  • Access to discovery/needs analysis
  • Implementation audit and support
  • Training from Google analytic experts
  • A stand-by 24/7 emergency support
  • Digital measurement strategy
  • Analytic Maturity Assessment
  • Search marketing services
  • Conversion consulting services, etc.

Other great features one can enjoy after the upgrade include Technology recommendations and reporting configuration.

This special service also lifts data restrictions to provide deeper insights and faster data processing. Furthermore, you get peace of mind with guaranteed data by Google’s Service Level Agreement you make with them.

By upgrading to the premium, you take your online marketing schemes to a higher and advanced level as you are optimally assured of Google’s expert technical support and consultancy. You will never feel behind with the world’s internet giant, in addition, you will be taking your analytical skills to the next improved level so far.